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Meet my beautiful little family!

If you’re new here, hey! My name is Eri, I am a Military wife, and mommy of two beautiful girls under two! I love anything fashion, lifestyle, and interior design related! Starbucks, aka Starbs is my obsession, and you can catch me at Nordstrom or Home Goods pretty any chance I get!

I am originally from the Bay Area, California but my family and I are currently stationed in the Sunshine State of Florida! My husband, Myles is my best friend, without his love and support I probably wouldn’t be doing this. Our daughters are my world, I love them with everything in me and I want to make them proud!

I created ERIANALANE after looking into the mirror one day and not liking what I saw… I had way too much “Instagram Makeup” on and it felt like I was no longer being true to myself. I wiped all my makeup off, tossed it in the trash, yup every last piece of it! And began my journey of paving a new life lane, ERIANALANE.

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